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What is TorVTL?
    TorVTL is a Virtual Transport Layer that interfaces into the Tor anonymizing network. It captures all TCP traffic on a network interface and transforms it into Tor traffic which is sent through a Tor proxy server. Currently TorVTL handles TCP, ARP, and DNS protocols. UDP support will be added when Tor supports UDP traffic.

    TorVTL assumes that the interface it is connected to is a 'host-only' interface. 'host-only' means that none of the packets routed to that interface are ever transmitted to a physical or real network. Usual instances of these interfaces are tap devices from the tun/tap family, as well as host-only interfaces created by many virtual machine monitors. TorVTL is intended for use with Virtual Machines; however, in theory it can work with any traffic that is routed to a virtual interface.

    TorVTL requires that you have the PCAP and LIBNET libraries installed.

    Libnet can be downloaded from:
    PCAP can be downloaed from:

    This source code, "TorVTL", is 
      Copyright (c) 2006 by John R. Lange
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