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What is NETAmp?
NETAmp is a Litestep module that allows you to control winamp over a network connection. It is very similar to geekamp (in fact the controlling code came from there), with the exception that it offers a network bridge.

  • Client and Server code included in same module
  • Can configure machine to run only as a client or server, or even both
  • Client controls server through bang commands

What if I don't use litestep?
    Well as a proof of concept I originally wrote it as an ugly little console app. It only has the server part of it, so you will need a telnet client to use it or a machine running litestep with the module set to client. Just unzip and run it. It listens on port 4242.

Contact Info
    John R. Lange
    Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Northwestern University
    2145 Sheridan Rd
    Evanston, IL 60208

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